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Kumkum Roychowdhury began her acting career at the age of seven in theatre in Kolkata, India. She continued appearing in theatre and dance on stages in London, New York, Montreal and Toronto.  Eventually arriving in Calgary, Alberta to raise her twin daughters, Kumkum wrote, directed and produced several Bengali dance dramas involving young members of the community. 

Jumping into acting in independent films, Kumkum quickly landed roles in several award winning short films including Tigers At Gate (NSI Drama Prize), Breakout of The Masala Kid, The Interrogation, and Troops. Kumkum was the main subject of the internationally broadcast documentary Viva Bengali, written by her daughter. Her talents include speaking several different languages (English, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and a dash of French) and making the best butter chicken. She continues to act in films and is known to break out into a dance number anytime she hears good music!

Watch Kumie’s demo reel.

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